Golf Lessons                                                          Bucket Prices
Lesson Rates
  • $70.00/hour
  • $175.00 Pkg of 3 lessons
  • $280.00 Pkg of 5 lessons
  • Same day - $100.00/hr
Couple Rates
  • $90.00/hour
  • $230. Pkg of 3 lessons
Junior Rates
  • $50.00/Hour
  • $135. Pkg of 3

Rob Stitzer is the primary golf instructor at the facility. Rob has had over 25 years teaching experience as a
PGA Professional and has taught many individuals from the physically challenged to the touring pros.

Rob believes in a very simple approach to teaching such a complex game. Although being a method teacher
to a point, he does not teach a "canned" method. Each individual is different and sometimes must be taught
the same things in a different way according to body structure, strength, etc. With his years of experience,
he is able to find what works for each individual to play their best golf.

Below is an explanation of the different lesson packages

  • 1 hour lesson
This lesson is designed to maximize the students knowledge and understanding of the golf swing and its
fundamentals. Here, the golf professional will go over grip, set-up position, alignment, swing path, and swing
plane; all the elements that make the golfer accomplish the ultimate goal of hitting the ball square and solid.
During the first twenty minutes of the lesson, the golf professional will go through the basics and watch the
swing to develop a plan of attack of what drills can be done to begin improving the students swing.  There will
be one or two things the golf professional will want the student to practice until they are comfortable with
these drills. Practice is the most important element in a golf lesson and is what will ultimately enable the
student to get to the next level.

  • Package of 3 or 5 lessons
The package lesson shows that the individual is committed to the golf professional and the student wants to
improve and advance their game to the next level.  Here the golf professional will have a chance to go over
both full swing and short game with emphasis being put on what part of the students game needs the most
work.  These lessons will be spaced enough apart to meet the students time and practice schedule.  The
package of five lessons will go more extensively into short game.

  • Playing lesson
The playing lesson is designed more for the experienced player, although beginners can also benefit in
getting a "feel" for the golf course.  The instructor will cover course management, playing strategies, rules
and etiquette on the golf course, and the mental approach to the game.

The Tee to Green staff uses the ultimate determining factor in fitting a golf club - analyzing ball flight. With
the teeing area being all grass (when was the last time you took a mat to the golf course?), course
conditions can be duplicated to find out which clubs are best for every individual.
Every club that is sold will be custom fit to the individual. The determining factors in clubfitting are lie angle,
length, shaft flex, and grip size.  With the staff being able to see natural ball flight, the following determining
factors will be fit: shaft kick point, shaft weight, loft, backspin, sidespin, launch angle,
and ball speed(vector).  Again, the most determining stage in a true clubfit is analyzing ball flight because
the fitter can use all of the factors above to give the golfer the best opportunity to achieve their desired
This cannot be done indoors!!)
The staff also puts a lot of emphasis on how weight affects an individuals swing and timing. All manufacturers
are slightly different in swingweights and total weights. We have found that individuals will swing one weight
better than another and fit for that aspect. This usually relates to timing.
Another factor is determining if there are any swing flaws that will corrupt the club fit and whether the
individual is contemplating golf lessons or not.
Club fitting is $60.00 on a single club $80.00 on a set of irons and $150.00 on a full set(other than Trackman
fitting) and 1/2 of the club fit goes back to the purchase.

Tee to Green features the TRACKMAN Launch Monitor. More information is available by accessing the
Trackman button on our website.
Rob Stitzer
Small Bucket - $7.00/40 balls
Medium Bucket - $10.00/70 balls
Large Bucket - $12.00/110 balls

Tee to Green offers the largest buckets in the area for
the price. The quality of the range balls and turf make it
an excellent value to practice at our facility. Discount
prepaid cards are also available.
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